Zoom Event Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship’s event on Zoom. Many of our Zoom events are also broadcasted on our Youtube channel so PLEASE READ the below information as it contains important details about our Zoom Events in which participation is a verification that you are in total agreement with the information.


With your participation, you are in agreement to have your face and background information on Zoom displayed publicly as the event may be broadcast on Youtube be available for the public.

Any attendee under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult or younger if the laws of your land require this.

You can find information on how to download Zoom from the company website here https://zoom.us/


During the Zoom event if you wish to be open to receiving a mediumship message from one of the KSSF Mediums make sure you use the live video option found when you log in to Zoom. The Mediums may require to see your face to be able to offer a mediumship message received from Spirit. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or do not wish to receive a mediumship message, please feel free to decline if a medium offers to bring you a Mediumship message.

Please note that the KSSF is unable to guarantee attendees will receive a mediumship message during any event due to numerous factors involved with Mediumship. Know that the KSSF Mediums are dedicated to providing you with ethical mediumship, if a Medium is not receiving information from Spirit they will not present information. Also, No Medium or the Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship can guarantee the accuracy of the content of any spiritual mediumship message.


Events may be recorded by AUTHORIZED KSSF board members ONLY for possible future public viewing. No unauthorized recordings are permitted.


After reviewing the provided information and any risks involved, and in view of the fact that the Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship, KSSF, is a Canadian Not-For-Profit organization, by attending a KSSF Zoom event you agree to hereby release, hold harmless, and WAIVE ALL CLAIMS associated with this activity, which you may hold against the KSSF, its employees, officers, directors, agents, volunteer, other members and guest/speakers. 

We at the KSSF work to provide our spiritual community with the best that we can. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at kindredspiritsfellowship@gmail.com.

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