Healing Requests

Spiritual Energy Healing Requests Submissions

The Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship offers prayers for any who request energy healing to be sent to them. You can submit your name or the names of others with this on-line healing form. You can submit your names requesting for Spiritual Energy Healing once a week, and every week if you choose. One of Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship Spiritual Energy Healers will send energy and prayers to the names submitted during the week period.

The names submitted are only shared with the Spiritual Energy Healer working with Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship’s healing book and on-line requests. Please DO NOT SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION ON ANY INDIVIDUALS ILLNESS OR ISSUE. The Spiritual Energy Healer will send energy and prayers to the named individuals in a manner requesting they may be whole, complete and healthy on all levels as that individual is meant to be, seeing them in perfect balance for their own being. 

PLEASE NOTE that Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship can make NO GUARANTEES about any outcome in regards to Spiritual Energy Healing as this is just not possible. Every individual is on their own deeply personal healing journey through life and no one can control any of this outcome. Also, please understand, NO ENERGY HEALING MODALITY IS MEANT TO REPLACE ANY PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENT OR ADVICE.

Feel free to make as many submissions as you like.

Submitted names are not sold, rented, traded or shared outside of this format in any way shape or form. Neither you nor the name of the person(s) you submit will be contacted by Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship. Please DO NOT submit and email address, phone numbers or disclose the condition or illness of the person needing healing. 

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