A number of classes and workshops related to Spiritualism and Metaphysics may be offered from time to time by Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship and associates. Class and workshop topics may include Mediumship Development, The Body’s Energy & Grounding, Meditation, Spiritual Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

As an interfaith Spiritualist organization, two of the main topics KSSF focuses on are Mediumship and Spiritual Energy Healing often called Laying On Of Hands.

KSSF Mediumship Development Classes & Workshops

The Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship’s Medium Development classes and workshops, are based on classes originating from the Spiritual Science Fellowship teachers and instructors. The Spiritual Science Fellowship has been in operation since 1977 offering instruction on Mediumship and Spiritualism with many International mediums for over forty years.

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Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez developed the KSSF Mediumship classes and workshops foundations. The Mediumship Development program contains information passed down through her from many SSF instructors. This list of instructors includes Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner: president of the SSF, the late Rev. Fred Cale: founder of the Halifax Chapter of the SSF, Rev. John White: Lilydale N.Y Medium and vice president of the SSF, Rev. Mikel Lizzaralde, Rev. Irene Gaureau and many more prestigious Mediums. The program developed was included as part of mandatory training for all platform mediums for the Halifax Chapter of the SSF.

The KSSF Mediumship Development Program includes many topics related to Spiritualism. The program is designed to take a beginner medium who has never performed a mediumship reading through to being able to complete readings. It also provides a foundation of information related to Metaphysics. Topics in the program include; Meditation, Spiritual Protection, Energy Grounding, Spirit Guides, Facets of Clairvoyance, The Modern Spiritualist Movement, The Human Aura, The Chakra System, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, and more.

Spiritual Energy Healing

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The Laying On Of Hands or Spiritual Energy Healing are considered one of the Gifts Of The Spirit in Spiritualism. The ability to help another through prayer and channeled energy from a higher source has been around throughout the ages in many ancient spiritual traditions. The Spiritual Science Fellowship and the Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship offer not only classes and workshops on the topic, but also energy healing on a volunteer basis. This may be offered at the beginning of KSSF services . The Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship offers opportunity to request absent Spiritual Energy Healing through this website.

The The Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship offers workshops on the Spiritual Energy Healing. It has a full day program which is great for novices and those familiar to the subject. This workshop takes a novice through to the point of being able to complete a Spiritual Energy Healing for another.

Watch this page and our Announcements page for information on upcoming KSSF Classes & Workshops.

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