Spiritualist Circles

Image of a circle of people with candles in the middle of a table. there are bright shining see through people around them representing spirits.

Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship from time to time offers different types of Spiritualist style Spirit Circles. At our Spirit Circles with the KSSF, mediums work to bring through messages from loved ones and spiritual guides on the other side. These types of Spirit Circles have been enjoyable events for attendees in the past when held through various Chapters of the Spiritual Science Fellowship, of which the KSSF is associated with.  Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez has led Spirits circles in Edmonton as well as in Halifax with the Halifax Chapter of the SSF.

The KSSF offers different types of Spirit Circles. Development Circles and Message Circles. A Message Circle is a circle in which audience members receive spirit messages given by featured mediums. Development Circles are held for the purpose of assisting individuals to learn about and experience spirit communication, or mediumship, in a safe and comfortable environment.  In person Mediumship Classes with the KSSF are an example of a mini Development Circle.

Spirit Circles with Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship include opening and closing prayers. They may also include meditation, singing, talks on spirituality, and of course messages from participating mediums.

Watch this page and our Announcements page for information on upcoming Spirit Circles.

Come And Share Together
In Unity With Spirit!

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