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Zoom & Youtube Live

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11:30 AM Pacific Time
12:30 PM Mountain Time
1:30 PM Central Time
2:30 PM Eastern Time
3:30 PM Atlantic Time
SPAIN 8:30 pm

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CANDLE READY for a Unified Candle Lighting. Mediumship messages featuring Rev. Mikel Lizarralde along with special guest mediums including Rita Fernandez and KSSF mediums.

This event will be recorded by AUTHORIZED KSSF board members ONLY for possible future public viewing. No unauthorized recordings will be permitted.

REGISTRATION is required to attend the Zoom and made be completed by emailing Event seats are limited!

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Love, Faith, And Spirit Messages
Sunday February 17th 2022
On Zoom & Youtube Live

image for event Love, Faith And Spirit Messages

Spirits Of The Season
THURSDAY December 23rd 2021
On Zoom & Youtube Live

SATURDAY September 25th 2021

image which states talk Change on Saturday 25th of September with Dr. Reg Elden, and mediumship by KSSF mediums

Our Spiritual Journey In These Times
Sunday June 27th 2021

Join us with Special Guest Elizabeth Cosmos, international teacher, head of Ama-Deus International, award-winning author of the Energy Annie Series, and Ama-Deus: Healing with the Sacred Energy of the Universe.

Join us with Special Guest Elizabeth Cosmos, international teacher, head of Ama-Deus International, award-winning author of the Energy Annie Series, and Ama-Deus: Healing with the Sacred Energy of the Universe.

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Eclipse Of The Supermoon – Flowering An Opportunity For Change
Sunday May 23rd 2021

With important upcoming astrological events just around the corner this is an important time for humanity. Special KSSF guest Sarah Roche will speak on the upcoming eclipse of the May Supermoon at our May 23rd KSSF Zoom and Youtube Live Event.

Iyanifa Fajalabi Sarah Roche is a biologist with a very long list of accomplishments. She is a descendent of African and First Nations and involved with mysticism since childhood. She is an intiated into and is also descendent from a long lineage of Sheba’s of which most are likely to be familiar with the title from history and the Queen of Sheba, being unfamiliar with the fact that the Sheba’s are a mystical lineage of women. Sarah Roche is also an initiate of Ifa and Iyanifa Fajalabi is her Ifa name.

On top of everything Iyanifa Fajalabi Sarah Roche has done, she also has taught creative writing, and won awards for Theatrical Design and Costume Design. She is also a Violinist who has played iwith the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sarah Roche has also authored the book titled “Universal Prayers for Progressive Spiritualism” which may be found on Amazon.

Spirit To Spirit – Mediumship & Chinese Medicine

THIS IS A ZOOM and YOUTUBE LIVE event with Dr. Joe Turner with Mediumship by Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship Mediums along with a short meditation.

The event will feature a talk by Dr. Joe Turner’s on his experience and role with Mediumship with his experiences with Chinese Medicine. Dr. Turner has been practicing Chinese Medicine for well over 40 years and is based out of the West Coast of Canada. He has lectured at universities and has students all over the world. Dr. Turner is also a practicing Medium and if Spirit allows will share short mediumship messages with participants along with KSSF mediums.  To find out more about Dr. Joe Turner visit his website at

Stepping Into Hope -Sunday 22nd November

A talk of inspiration for our time with Dr. Reg Eldon and Mediumship With The KSSF Mediums including International Acclaimed Mikel Lizarralde

Image stating Spiritual Energy Healing, Talk & Mediumship live on Youtube, Sunday August 23rd, 11:30 am - Pacific, 12:30 pm - Mountain, 1:30 pm - Central, 2:30 pm - Eastern, 3:30 pm - Atlantic, and 8:30 pm - Spain

Spiritual Energy Healing -Sunday 23rd of August 2020

A talk with Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez and Mediumship With The KSSF Mediums including International Acclaimed Mikel Lizarralde.

On-Line Event With International Acclaimed Mikel Lizarralde -Sunday 26th of July 2020

Event image banner which has a picture of Rev. Mikel Lizarralde in a purple tie and shirt. The banner also has small pictures of the other KSSF mediums working on the event, David Goodwin, Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez, and Rev. Michael Hilz.

A ZOOM event with an inspirational talk by acclaimed Proof Of Survival Medium Rev. Mikel Lizarralde. This is an extraordinary opportunity as Rev. Mikel is a HIGH IN DEMAND international medium and teacher. With the talk, there will be a guided meditation and MEDIUMSHIP MESSAGES by KSSF Mediums and Rev. Mikel Lizarralde. PLEASE SEE TIMES AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW. (click the see more link)

Rev. Mikel is considered to be the LEADING MEDIUM IN SPAIN. He is a born Proof-of-Survival Medium which means he can look into the Spirit World and retrieve clear and precise information.
Rev. Mikel is a published author with Penguin Random House and was awarded The Award For Excellence from The International Ambassadors For Peace Program which is associated with The United Nations. Rev. Mikel was also presented as an Honorary Member of the Scientific Psychological Research Society in Valencia Spain. Rev. Mikel teaches and lectures internationally and is frequently requested by the media, he is the leader of The ACE-SSF in San Sebastian and a Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship Founding Board Member.
Find out more about Rev. Mikel on his website including information about obtaining private readings at

Find out more about Rev. Mikel on his website including information about obtaining private readings at

On-Line Event With International Acclaimed Mikel Lizarralde -Saturday 18th of April 2020

Image of Mikel Lizarralde, a red headed man with short hair wearing a brown shirt. The image says Mikel Lizarralde Proof Of Survival Medium, Special On-Line Event. Email to register

Clairvoyance and Its Facets
Saturday 22nd of February 2020

Image of a woman's dark silhouette  sitting in a meditation yoga pose by a tree. The image has a starry sky and states "Clairvoyance and Its Facets, Saturday February 22nd starting at 6:45 pm and give this website address."

The talk will discuss Clairvoyance and its facets, or senses such as Clairaudience and Clairsentience, what they are and easy tips to begin using them. Included also with this event is a KSSF relaxing guided meditation, shared songs, and an opportunity to meet with like-minded people. Mediumship messages are also provided by KSSF Mediums to audience members.

Spirit Guides – How & Why To Engage Them
Saturday 25th of January 2020

Image of a glowing hand reaching down to a normal hand on a black background. The image says "Spirit Guides, how and why to engage them" and gives the date Saturday January 25th, starting at 6:45 pm.

This event includes a talk on Spirit Guides, a relaxing guided meditation, song, and an opportunity to meet with like-minded people. Mediumship is also provided by KSSF Mediums to those who wish to receive them

The talk will discuss spiritual guidance available to all of us through our Spirit Guides. It will include information on what Spirit Guides are, how they can help us and how to engage them.

An Empath’s Holiday Survival Guide
Saturday 21st Of December 2019

Image which gives the date of December 21st and a book which has the title of Empaths Holiday Survival Guide, a talk on practical information for the senstive including how to's on dealing with everyday life and below this Kindred Spirits Fellowship.

This talk discusses how to deal with the energy of others and our environments. It explores techniques to prevent taking on excess energy from the world around us and how to deal with this when we do. The techniques are easy to employ and the information is USEFUL FOR ANYONE, especially during the holiday season.

Topics Include:
What it means to be a Sensitive or an Empath.
Strategies to survive a world of feeling everything.
As a sensitive and how to turn the difficulties in to gifts.
Unique proven techniques from Rev. Eileen Gonzalez’s
Mediumship Development Program to remove excess energies.

This evening also includes a relaxing guided meditation, song, and an opportunity to meet with like-minded people. Mediumship is provided by KSSF Mediums to those who wish to receive them.

Talk On Dreams & Spiritual Circle

image of a girl holding a timer with stars coming out of it on a black background. The image says Talk On Dreams and gives the information stated on the page.

Interested in understanding more about DREAMS?
Do you enjoy receiving Mediumship messages from Spirit?

This Spiritual Circle will feature a talk on Dreams along with a relaxing guided meditation, song, and Mediumship messages from KSSF Mediums for those who wish to receive them. It is an excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded people.

The talk on Dreams includes information about the Major Categories of Dreams, Dream Messages, Hidden Wisdoms Within Nightmares, Honouring Your Dreams, and Making  Dream Time Work For You.

Image stating the following. Talk on Dreams and Spiritual Circle Saturday November 9th, starting at 6:45 PM. Enjoy a talk on Dreams along with a relaxing meditation, son, community and of course messages from Spirit.
The image has a circle of people in various colors with a circle of faded out people around them which represent spirits, or being from the other side of the veil of life.

This circle is being held in Edmonton. The event location will be given at the time of your registration confirmation.

KSSF At The Christmas Spirit Fair!

Image of a close up of a Christmas tree with read and gold balls on it.

November 30th in Sherwood Park, Alberta
Saturday, November 30th, 11am-5pm

Come get your Christmas shopping done while spending some time supporting small businesses at the same time!

Come by and say hello to us at the Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship!

The KSSF will have various hand crafted items for sale at this event. As well we will have KSSF Mediums offering readings. So join us at tis event at Spark Centre in Sherwood Park. There will be something for everyone!

It’s a child friendly event and features Face painting, super heros and princesses. Admission is $5.00 but children are free.

More Information can be found on the events page below for
The Christmas Spirit Fair!

October 12th 2019 Mediumship Circle & Talk On The Modern Spiritualist Movement

Are you interested in Mediumship and receiving messages from Spirit?
Join us at our Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship’s first official event. On October 12th from 6:45 pm until 9 pm, we will be holding a Mediumship Circle in which KSSF Mediums will offer messages from Spirit to circle attendees who wish to participate. This circle will also include a short talk on Spiritualism, what it is and why we communicate with Spirit, along with a meditation, song, and an opportunity to meet with like-minded people.

Interested in the talk topic but could not make it to the circle? If so you can read this article which contains some of the information presented.

September 21st 2019 Fall Frenzy Fair Edmonton

The KSSF took part in this fun event for everyone! There was many amazing vendors, face painting, spiritual energy healers, speakers, readers and an open mediumship with Shae and Ro from Ro’s Traveling Bad Ass Medium.

It’s was market for many small businesses in which many could shop until they dropped while supporting small businesses. There were so many amazing vendors selling there awesome products!

Small Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship logo. An image with the following inside a circle, a sunflower in upper left side is a small dragon, beneath this to the right is a group of stick people in a circle, on the bottom left is a wild rose.