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Our KSSF Youtube Channel

In March of 2020 the way we are doing things has changed for everyone. Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship has been adapting and making the best of things turning frowns into smiles. Our goal has always been to outreach to our community in Unity with Spirit and sharing, now it seems we are going global. With the changes 2020 has brought, much of what we have to offer with Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship can now be offered through LIVE INTERNET EVENTS in which ALL can join us without the limitations of location.

Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship is very pleased to announce the launchign of our Youtube Channel. You can join us here for many upcoming live events and also view past live events. The KSSF will also offer meditations and more on our channel as time goes by.

We do hope you will join us and enjoy our Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship’s Youtube Channel.

Congratulations To Rev. Mikel Lizarralde Goenaga!

Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship is very happy for their Chief Advisor To The Board for his recent achievement. In August of 2019 Rev. Mikel was awarded The Award To Excellence, for helping to create a better world. This award was presented by The International Ambassadors For Peace Program, directed by Elaine Valdov. The International Ambassadors For Peace Program is connected with the department of public information of The United Nations. Kindred Spirits Spiritual Fellowship board members are very proud of their Chief Adviser to the board. Congratulations Rev. Mikel!

Kindred Spirits Spiritual Fellowship Launch

A Note From Rev. Eileen

Something wonderful happened in which I could not have dreamed. Since moving to Edmonton I have been missing so much the community of the Spiritual Science Fellowship in Halifax and the Head Chapter in Montreal. Both my husband and I had tried to find something similar to attend here but had been unsuccessful.

In early of 2019 my husband Rolando began to push me to put together a spiritual group here in Edmonton. In the back of my mind always was how in 2011 a good fried of mine, Rev. Mikel Lizarralde had discussed with me how he would like to work with me in the future with an organization. With the support ofmy husband and Spirit and Rev. Mikel, the foundaing for Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship was born.

On September 5th 2019 we successfully registered this Incorporated Not For Profit Organization called “Kindred Spirits Fellowship” with the support of Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner President of the Spiritual Science Fellowship.

Joy cannot express what I feel at the launch of our efforts as I am sure all the KSSF board feels. Gratitude is what bubbles over within me. Gratitude is what I feel for for a wonderful husband and truly amazing friends. We are a team of on our board of directors. We all hold a common goal, a goal of helping each other and others to develop our own deep sense of spirituality while embracing our connections to spirit.

I hope you will support our team and our venture so together we may become, in unity with spirit.

Come And Share Together
In Unity With Spirit!

Small Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship logo. An image with the following inside a circle, a sunflower in upper left side is a small dragon, beneath this to the right is a group of stick people in a circle, on the bottom left is a wild rose.