The Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship (KSSF) is a Spiritualist organization that welcomes people from all faiths or no specific faith or religion.  Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship, KSSF, (or Kindred SSF) is a Federally Incorporated Not For Profit Organization based in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

We celebrate different Spiritualist, religious and spiritual traditions with prayer, meditation, song and talks on spirituality at our events and services. Also the KSSF offers various spiritual educational programs for those interested in Spirituality, Spiritualism, Mediumship, Psychic Abilities, Metaphysics, New Age Thought, Spiritual Energy Healing and the Paranormal.

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The Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship offers prayers for any who request energy healing to be sent to them. You can submit your name or the names of others with this on-line healing form by clicking on the book below or through this link.

Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship On-line Energy Healing Requests book.

You can submit your names once a week and every week if you choose. One of Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship Spiritual Energy Healers will send energy and prayers to the names submitted during the week period.

Please DO NOT SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION ON ANY INDIVIDUALS ILLNESS OR ISSUE. PLEASE NOTE that Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship can make NO GUARANTEES about any outcome in regards to Spiritual Energy Healing .

Interested in understanding more about DREAMS? Do you enjoy receiving Mediumship messages from Spirit?

Join Us On Saturday Evening November 9th!

Image stating the following. Talk on Dreams and Spiritual Circle Saturday November 9th, starting at 6:45 PM. Enjoy a talk on Dreams along with a relaxing meditation, son, community and of course messages from Spirit.
The image has a circle of people in various colors with a circle of faded out people around them which represent spirits, or being from the other side of the veil of life.

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Come And Share Together
In Unity With Spirit!

Small Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship logo. An image with the following inside a circle, a sunflower in upper left side is a small dragon, beneath this to the right is a group of stick people in a circle, on the bottom left is a wild rose.