Rev. Mikel Lizarralde Goenaga

Picture of Rev. Mikel Lizarralde. He is wearing a purple shirt and a purple ministry stole with different religious traditions symbols on it.

Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship is pleased to have Rev. Mikel a one of it’s founding members. Rev. Mikel Lizarralde is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship ( and is the leader of The ACE-SSF (Spiritual Science Fellowship) in San Sebastian, Spain. Rev. Mikel is considered the leading medium in Spain, travels the world teaching and lecturing, and is also a published author with Penquin Random House.

Rev. Mikel is a Spanish-born Proof-of-Survival medium. This means that he can actually look into the Spirit world and retrieve valuable, clear and precise information. He has been able to do that since he was little. As an Interfaith Minister he opened the first and so far the only Spiritualist Church in all of Spain. Rev. Mikel has a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Therapeutic Counseling by the Open University of Sri Lanka. He is currently studying a bachelor Degree in Psychology in his home country of Spain.

As a natural intuitive he was given the opportunity to travel to Montreal, QC (Canada) in 2003, to train at the SSF (Spiritualist Science Fellowship) where he really became efficient with his gifts. After this he began attending the Arthur Findlay College regularly along with other places for formal training. Since then, he has been requested by media and to teach internationally.

In August of 2019 at the IIIHS Montreal Conference (, Rev. Mikel was awarded The Award For Excellence, for helping to create a better world. This award was presented by The International Ambassadors For Peace Program, directed by Elaine Valdov. The International Ambassadors For Peace Program is connected with the department of public information of The United Nations. Kindred Spirits Spiritual Fellowship board members are very proud of their Chief Adviser to the board. Congratulations Rev. Mikel!

You can find Rev. Mikel’s new book in Spanish titled Un Nuevo Mensaje (A New Message), at Penquin Random House.

Rev. Mikel is available for private readings through his website. Please be aware that his cue for readings may be years due to his international reputation and popularity. You can find out more about Rev. Mikel Lizarralde Goenaga by visiting his website at

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