David Goodwin

Image of KSSF Board Member David Goodwin, he is wearing dark framed glasses and a white shirt with a long red coral necklace.

David Goodwin is a sought after medium & spiritual advisor with clientele in Canada, the United States, Australia, and in predominantly English-speaking areas of Europe. He is a natural born medium who began spontaneously giving readings and practicing laying on hands as a child.

David began formal study of spiritual healing and psychic disciplines in his early teens. He used his skills in support of charitable endeavors to raise funds for a number of community-based organizations while also reading for a private clientele. He is a Spiritualist who has studied a number of global faiths and traditions to better understand the diverse ways that healing and mediumship manifest globally.

With a background and formal education are in social services, community health and disability studies, David has served as a representative on a number of non-profit boards which led him to become part of KSSF’s Board in early 2020. David’s primary practices are rooted in spiritual wellbeing and mediumship as well as working through the Tarot and with energy healing through Usui Reiki Ryoho in which he holds the rank of Reiki Master.

Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship is pleased to have David Goodwin serve on it’s board as a director. To find our more about David Goodwin visit his website at aladekoju.com